About Us!

We're just three guys who got together after an impromptu gathering of musicians in their community!


Keith started out playing drums when he was young but eventually moved over to guitar.  Keith is an accomplished guitarist and composer having written dozens of original songs.  He brings his terrific baritone style to many songs which you will want to sing along to!

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Bill's background in music is focused purely on vocals.  Originally from NY, Bill spent over 20 years in theater performing in over 25 musicals and comedies.  Bill's range moves from tenor to baritone seamlessly allowing him to sing many of the songs we all know and love.  Bill has added the harmonica to many of our songs adding a terrific blues feeling to our sound.  


Greg is an experienced percussionist, playing drum set and a variety of hand percussion instruments, including congas, bongos, Cajon, djembe and various other ethnic percussion instruments, as well as orchestral percussion.  Originally from Georgia, he has been performing and recording around the Southeast during the past 40+ years, adding "rhythm, texture and color" to music in a variety of settings and styles, including jazz, rock, blues, classical, country and contemporary Christian.